How not to make a fool out of yourself talking about industrial facilities?

When you are talking about special territories for industrial and innovative production development, you have to know how to use certain terms:

A technopark is a special territory for localization of hitech production. It features industrial infrastructure, tax incentives and other services for its tenants.

Examples: Kuzbass Technopark in Kemerovo Oblast, Mosgormash, Otradnoye in Moscow, Zhigulyovskaya Valley in Samara Oblast.

An incubator is a part of a technopark for innovative startup companies. Incubators “adapt” a new project, provide information support and consultation about lease, financial support and interaction with the authorities.

Examples: Business incubator in Strogino Technopark.

A technopolis is a large-scale scientific and industrial facility. Unlike a technopark, it features more than just industrial infrastructure. A technopolis is a  huge complex for hitech R&D with recreational areas, cafes, and office spaces. Technopolises are usually chosen by companies with complete production cycle.

Examples: Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk, Technopolis Moscow.

An industrial park is a territory with a complex of facilities – industrial companies, warehouses, administrative buildings. An industrial park has industrial and transport infrastructure and regulatory environment suitable for localizing production.

Examples: Master industrial park in Tatarstan, Chelny industrial park, Safonovo industrial park

A special economic zone (SEZ) is a large territory with a special legal status, tax incentives and customs preferences for entrepreneurs. The aim of SEZ is to attract foreign and domestic businesses. There are 4 types of SEZ in Russia: industrial, R&D, port, and touristic and recreational.


Alabuga in Tatarstan, Technopolis Moscow, Ulyanovsk in the same-named city, Biryuzovaya Katun in Altai Krai.

Clean rooms are special premises for microelectronic and biotech production. The rooms meet cleanliness class standards, sufficient power capacity, and limited concentration of dust, microorganisms, aerosol particles and chemical vapors.

Examples: clean rooms in Technopolis Moscow

A tenant is a legal body that has localized its production within a specialized territory (a technopark, a technopolis, a SEZ, an industrial park). Anchor tenants occupy a substantial amount of space and have a long history of successful business activity. They tend to create a considerable number of jobs and bring in large investments.

Specialized territories of industrial development are divided into two types: brownfield and greenfield.

Brownfield areas are created in the territory of former plants, factories and other industrial facilities which are no longer used for their initial purpose. This is a good solution for renovation of abandoned urban industrial areas, since the buildings and infrastructure within the area undergo major structural repairs.

Examples: Technopolis Moscow located in the territory of former Moskvich plant.

Greenfield area is a new empty land plot where industrial infrastructure and buildings are constructed from scratch.

Examples: Vorsino industrial park in Kaluga Oblast.