Managing companies of technology parks may receive the authority in the city planning and construction

The draft law has been submitted to the State Duma, which provides the expansion of technology parks management companies (MCs) powers in the field of urban development.

The document is placed in the electronic database of the lower house of parliament. The author of the bill is Alexander Sidyakin (United Russia), the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Housing and Communal Services.

The MC of industrial and industrial parks is proposed to be given powers to prepare proposals for changes to the general plans, territorial planning schemes for the areas within which the park is located, as well as land use and development rules.

Bypassing the local self-government bodies, the MC will be able to make decisions on the preparation of documentation on the layout of the territory of the technology park, approve documentation on the planning of the territory without conducting public discussions. It will be allowed to independently determine the types of permitted use of land plots within the boundaries of the technology park.

In addition, the MCs will be empowered to issue permits for the construction and commissioning of industrial infrastructure. They will also be able to conduct an examination of the design documentation of capital construction projects, the results of engineering surveys.

“The introduction of a mechanism for transferring the expanded powers of the Criminal Code will reduce administrative barriers for investors, improve the quality of public services, increase the overall investment attractiveness of property infrastructure facilities”, - noted in the explanatory note to the document.