Domestic products can compete with foreign

On September 11 an exhibition "Import substitution" was opened in the capital. "VM" visited the collective stand of Moscow, where its unique products were presented by the Moscow producers.

On September 11 an exhibition "Import substitution" was opened in the capital. "VM" visited the collective stand of Moscow, where its products, in many ways unique, were presented by the capital's producers.

- Someone is already exporting, someone is just planning, but all the participants are directed to the same goal - to sell in Russia and abroad, - said Kirill Iljichev, the General Director of the International Economic Center.

While opening the Moscow stand, Alexei Fursin, head of the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship stressed the importance of independence from foreign analogues.

- It is important for us to have our Russian counterparts. Moreover, they should not only be produced in Russia, and in particular in Moscow, but also have a sufficiently deep level of localization so that the components and materials used by Russian. At this exhibition we tried to introduce companies that today can replace imported analogues, - said Mr. Fursin.

Traditionally, the most powerful branch of Moscow production in terms of import substitution has become medical equipment. For example, at one of the stands, a Moscow manufacturer showed an artificial heart - a rotary pump device that saves lives of patients with terminal heart failure.

- There are not enough donor organs, and this device allows either to survive until the organ is received, or with it you can live for up to five years, and then change to a new one, - said Victor Lazarev, a specialist in the commercial department of the developer company that created the device for auxiliary blood circulation.

It is important that the "artificial heart" is not a prototype, but an apparatus that has passed all the tests and has already been implanted in several dozens of patients, including in Moscow.

Nearby there is a stand with video cameras produced in the capital, for which the functionality is really not a shame. A small device is designed for visualization of infrared images. The camera is able to see what is written on documents in an opaque folder, show the lower layers of paint in the picture to determine its authenticity, or see the person who travels in a car with tinted windows.

Such cameras are used by rescuers to search for people under water or to localize fires. Unlike foreign analogues, a domestic camera is much cheaper. For many Moscow manufacturers, cost is the main competitive advantage.