A new unit standard for drone specialists is coming into force starting August 4

A new standard act designed by Aeronet association sets skill and knowledge requirements for lesser UAV system specialists in training (learn more on the official website)

The unit standard lays a legal  basis for specialist training and  the employer-employee relationship, allowing to begin training and certification. Following this, a new Aeronet Aviation Training Center for supplementary vocational training will be launched this year.

Copter Express CEO Oleg Ponfilyonok noted, that the introduction of this standard was decided on long ago.

“As a member of the Association, our company took part in the development of the draft project. One of its positive results is that now colleges are allowed to give formal academic training in this field. We hope that the amount of drone-related educational centers will also increase”, - said  Ponfilyonok.

Aeronet Association is the only Russian professional union of legal entities engaged in the development and operation of civil UAV systems. The Association works on the development of UAV system-related legislation, standards and rules of professional conduct.

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