Viktoriya Kazaryan: "SEZ is encouraging business to develop"

On August 21st Managing director for investor relations of SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" Viktoriya Kazaryan took part in Army-2018 International Military and Technical Forum.

Viktoriya Kazaryan talked about SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow", its tenants and localization advantages for hitech production companies in an educational discussion called Integration of Hitech Projects into Innovative Infrastructure: Technoparks and Clusters – New Solutions and Opportunities.

Participants of round table titled Industrial Technoparks as a Means of Cost Reduction for MICs in the Civil Market discussed means of state support for industrial technoparks, their regulatory support and development of contract manufacturing. The speakers noted that it is necessary to optimize industrial technopark development mechanisms based on MIC factory capacity. 

Viktoriya Kazaryan pointed out that apart from cost reduction SEZ provides opportunities for growth and development. Cost reduction is facilitated by decreasing capital and operation expenses, production launch period and considerable tax burden reduction (up to 50%). All these factors increase competitive capacity and allow to invest more into new projects.

"There are more than 130 companies in SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow"; it is a melting pot of ideas, opportunities, competencies and unique technological solutions, - says Viktoriya. - We have active information exchange, joint projects, and contract relations. It is particularly important that our tenants are ready to engage in small batch production and various R&D activities. These factors create the opportunities for industrial cooperation, particularly for the companies to integrate into lines of production, thus increasing their amount of orders. Moreover, it also becomes possible to diversify production and solve the import substitution problem, which is crucial for MIC factories".

 Viktoriya Kazaryan was awarded with a diploma for Best Report in a Scientific Business Event of Army-2018.

On the first day of the Forum Viktoriya Kazaryan also took part in the general assembly of Association of Clusters and Technoparks members.

SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" is a subordinate structure of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow.

Photo by Julia Trubnikova.