Russian company to equip first basalt composite plant in England

On July 19 the Basalt Projects engineering company signed a supply contract for pultrusion lines "Composer. Sergey Rakhmaninov" with a plant in Great Britain. 

CEO of the company Maxim Chernykh emphasized that the export equipment will be assembled at the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" site in Textilschiki region of Moscow. The plant is to be launched in October 2018. 

"It is the first basalt-fibre-based composite production facility in the UK. Apart from the equipment, we supply the materials and perform warranty service", - said Maxim Chernykh. 

The "Composer" pultrusion lines allow to create normal- and small-sized armature, grids and sections based on continuous basalt fiber. The production process is managed by one operator via a Touch Pad panel screen. A set of drawing blocks of different diameter allows to produce basalt armature 4 to 20 mm wide. Due to a crawler-driven armature tractor and an automated cutting process, the output bar’s length can be calibrated up to 0,1 sm. 

A video about the "Composer. Sergey Rakhmaninov" pultrusion lines is available here.

Photo by Yulia Trubnikova.